Florida Car Seat Law

Were all used to strapping our kids into the car seat when out and about when were at home but you may not think about the need for this whilst on holidays, however it’s something that needs your consideration before you travel.

Florida State law requires that all children age 5 and under need to be properly restrained when in a car, whether that be your hire car, taxi or shuttle mini bus. A car seat is not required on public transport.

Children under 3 need to be in a car seat, children 4-5 can use the car’s seat belt.

Car seats are not usually included with your car hire package automatically, they need to be requested and are subject to availability and usually a fee of around $10 a day.
Also when you ring for a taxi you will need to mention that you require a car seat or seat’s, however this may or may not be available and will probably be subject to an extra charge.

Probably the easiest way to avoid all of the car seat requesting hassle is to take your own seat with you. Most Airlines including Virgin Holidays, British Airways, Thomson will take the car seat in the cargo hold free of charge.

You may also be able to use your car seat on the plane if you think your child will be more comfortable, however you will need to check with your individual airline.

If your going to be buying a new seat for the trip, think about the weight and dimensions. You will want to try and get the most lightweight and portable seat possible. You should also invest in a car seat travelling bag like the Sunshine Kids Car Seat Travel Bag to keep your seat clean and dry whilst in transit.

Trunki Boostapak

Another option for children from around 4 is the Trunki Boostapak. This innovative new product is a normal everyday backpack which you can use as a group 2 – 3 Car seat! You just fold out the seat belt guides and quick as a flash your boostapak is now ready to be used as a car seat. This product obviously has lots of benefits over lugging around a full group 2-3 car seat, and is not only handy for your holiday but also great for having a spare seat for if your child travels in a friends car for example.

Taking your own car seat will give you the peace of mind that your little ones are safe and protected, your complying with the state laws and you don’t have the hassle of broken or dirty hire car seats.

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